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A way to be we have forgotten

At birth each of us receives a body but no manual on how to use it.

If we are lucky, in early childhood, we are given time and space to experiment with movement and each little person goes through their own unique process of learning how to organise their little body to crawl, sit, walk…

Very soon after, however, we enter into the social system and are encouraged to sit still, move less, and not express socially unacceptable emotions much.

We are taught to use strain to achieve the intention instead of learning to act easily.

Following instructions and paths introduced by others becomes more important than learning from one’s own experience.

When people ask me how I would characterise Mindful Movement in one phrase I often respond that it is “a way to be we have forgotten”.

A way to learn and navigate the world from within, using your own sensations and inner experiences.

In the lessons, we come back to the exploration of movement possibilities through experience, which is one of the original tools we had to meet the world with when we were babies.

What we are doing is learning to learn.

Not learning “the right way”, but learning to understand the principles of working with your own body, to be able to translate and use them for any other situation in your life.

Learning to trust your sensations, experiences and feelings as you explore your own unique path in life.


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