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I'm Iryna.

One effect of returning to your body, of exploring it with care and patience, is a rising feeling of spontaneity and unconditional joy. It is not related to the shape of the body. Nor to the physical capabilities. It's feeling good in your own skin, feeling secure, feeling at home. At that moment, a desire to move, dance, and live to the best of your capacity is being born. 

Iryna Sagaidak, PhD

This is what I do as a somatic bodywork therapist. I accompany you on your way back Home. The one within - Your Mindful Body.

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"I worked with Iryna through one-to-one sessions and I’m very satisfied with my experience.

For years I had pain in my shoulder (old injury) and recently I also started to feel light tingling and numbness in that hand.

Already after few sessions my shoulder mobility improved and numbness episodes became less strong and less frequent. I felt relaxed, more grounded and more in my body after each session."

Clement C.

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