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by reducing your body pattern of stress

Loosening the grip of anxiety

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Unravelling Anxiety

Interrupted or shallow breathing, your head tilts forward and down, and belly muscles tighten as you clench your teeth ... Stress and anxiety have a very particular way of influencing our bodies.


When stress is intense or prolonged, the corresponding body pattern

becomes a habit. With time, it can create tension in the neck, shoulders, jaw, abdomen, and hands.

You cannot avoid stress or anxiety-provoking situations all the time.

But you CAN develop the skill

of bringing yourself back to a state of balance.

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This 7-week Mindful Movement program

is designed to remind your brain of its hidden capacities for learning and improving.


By moving slowly and paying attention to what you do, you can access neuroplasticity - the brain's ability to change - and reduce your body patterns of stress and anxiety.

When you release these patterns, you leave anxiety without its physical representation. It breaks the cycle and makes room for a positive change.

For you to be in a more harmonious internal state.

Where your breathing is slow and full. Your movement is easier and more pleasurable.

Where your posture spontaneously improves as you let go of the tension.

Registering for the series, you will receive:


  • 7 recorded Mindful Movement lessons (indculing intro lesson, 50-60 min each)

  • option to download recordings of lessons

  • optional individual 30-minute online consultation with Iryna to discuss your questions

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Please note: lessons will take place while lying on the floor.

You'll need to be able to lower yourself down and stand back up, either independently or with the support of something to lean on.

Want to know more? Read my article on Reducing Body Patterns of Stress and Anxiety

"To every emotional state corresponds a personal conditioned pattern

of muscular contraction without which the emotional state

has no existence"

Moshe Feldenkrais         

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What are students saying about Iryna’s teaching
and Mindful Movement lessons?

"The area in the lower back is my trouble. I participate in group lessons with Iryna one time per week. After the 6th lesson, I started to feel a real change. It was easier to sleep, the pain was gone and I had more mobility in the area. An awesome "side effect" of the Mindful Movement sessions is relaxation, stopping the mental dialogue and a feeling of lingering serenity. In an anxious world, this is such a nice bonus!''

- Nataly

"Although the first time I only did it via audio recording, my headache immediately disappeared, and I could really feel the peace that the practice brought to my being. From there, I had the possibility to join more and more live practices, and the results are always noticed: a calmer mind in a more mindful body."

- Lisset

"Mindful Movement lesson gave my body and brain so much calmness and released all the stress I carried through a couple of days. I was also surprised by how energetic my body felt despite the calmness and how high-spirited I felt after the session. The session was like a big kudos to me and to my body."

- Liuba

What does a lesson look like and what will I need?


During the lesson, you will follow verbal guidance and do a series of gentle movements exploring your body's capabilities and sensations.

For this, you will need:

  • quiet room, comfortable floor space and a mat or a rug to lie on

  • computer or laptop with a webcam

  • warm and comfortable clothing

  • a big towel (folded) for head support

Have a question?


Just drop a message at and I'll be happy to answer it.


Hello! I'm Iryna.

One effect of returning to your body, of exploring it with care and patience, is a rising feeling of spontaneity and unconditional joy. It is not related to the shape of the body. Nor to the physical capabilities. It's feeling good in your own skin, feeling secure. Feeling at home.

At that moment, a desire to move, to dance, to live to the best of your capacity is being born. 

This is what I do as a bodywork therapist specialising in tension and chronic pain relief through Mindful Movement. I accompany you on your way back Home.
The one within.

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