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“Movement is life, life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.”

Moshe Feldenkrais

Mindful Movement
for Corporate clients

Release tension, improve posture, and boost performance of your employees

Benefits for your employees

  • feeling of calm alertness, improved attention

  • greater focus, resilience, and more energy throughout the workday

  • reduced feelings of stress and anxiety, prevention of burnout

  • release of muscular tension and reduced chronic pain

  • improved posture and movement habits



Suitable for everyone, no matter the level of their fitness, age or physical limitations. 

The only prerequisite is for people to be able to lower themselves down to the floor and stand back up,

either independently or with the support of something to lean on, though some sessions can also be performed o n a chair only.


How it works

  • every session is customised for your workplace

  • often classes held at the workplace happen in an empty office or a conference room

  • company would need to provide participants with yoga mat, sports mats or a space with carpet flooring, or a room with chairs (if the session is to be conducted in sitting)

Custom made workshops tailored to your audience and needs. 


  • lunch-break (75-90 min) workshop

  • half-day (2.5-3 hours)

  • whole day (2.5 h + 2.5 h, separated by a lunch break)

Sample topics

  • The sitting challenge

  • Reducing  stress and anxiety 

  • Improving posture

  • Reducing tension in neck and shoulders

  • Finding relief for your back

  • Liberating your breathing for mental and physical health

  • Physical and mental wellbeing through Mindful Movement

Get started


Contact me at to arrange a call and/or discuss your company's needs and possible collaboration grounds.

What are students saying about Iryna’s teaching
and Mindful Movement lessons?
Orange Flower

"The area in the lower back is my trouble. I participate in group lessons with Iryna one time per week.

After the 6th lesson, I started to feel a real change. It was easier to sleep, the pain was gone and I had more mobility in the area. An awesome "side effect" of the Mindful Movement sessions is relaxation, stopping the mental dialogue and a feeling of lingering serenity. In an anxious world, this is such a nice bonus!''

- Nataly

"Although the first time I only did it via audio recording, my headache immediately disappeared, and I could really feel the peace that the practice brought to my being. From there, I had the possibility to join more and more live practices, and the results are always noticed: a calmer mind in a more mindful body."

- Lisset

"Mindful Movement lesson gave my body and brain so much calmness and released all the stress I carried through a couple of days. I was also surprised by how energetic my body felt despite the calmness and how high-spirited I felt after the session. The session was like a big kudos to me and to my body."

- Liuba

"This experience has been so different from any stretching or relaxation course I did before! The movements in such were not difficult and yet challenging. I got to explore the mobility of my body in new ways. After the sessions, my movements were more defined, felt lighter and my balance improved. I could let go of stress and tension in my muscles. Even a friend noticed that I am more relaxed."


Get started


Contact me at to arrange a call and/or discuss your company's needs and possible collaboration grounds.

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