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Open Mindful Movement lesson
with Iryna

Monday 29 August, 19:30 - 20:30 CET

The Mindful Movement lessons are based on a range of somatic education techniques, which focus on learning how to use your body in a more efficient and at the same time more easy, pleasant, and pain-free way through gentle series of movements. 

Who would benefit from it?

These lessons are beneficial for people with chronic pain or strong muscular tension, as well as for people who want to improve and refine their skills in any kind of movement activity (sportsmen, dancers, etc.). It can also provide relief for people with chronic stress or burnout, resulting in a sense of calm and feeling grounded in one's own body.

The outcomes of the lessons are a bit different for everyone (as everyone's situation is unique), however, most people experience:

  • feeling more calm and relaxed,

  • release of muscular tension,

  • decrease in chronic pain,

  • improvement of posture,

  • better quality of sleep.


"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."

Jim Rohn         

What the lesson looks like?

The lesson will take place lying on the floor and usually lasts between 45 min and 1 hour. You will follow my guidance and do a series of gentle movements exploring your body's capabilities and sensations.

We will also have a little time for questions at the end.


To make your experience the most comfortable and enjoyable, please consider preparing the following:

  • quiet space

  • comfortable floor space (big enough to spread both arms to the sides)

  • computer or laptop with a webcam (so that I could see you from head to toe when you are lying during the lesson)

  • warm and comfortable clothing (most people underestimate the number of layers they need for a comfortable staying on the floor for some time, even on a warm day)

  • a mat or rug to lie on (could be covered by a blanket for more comfort)

  • something for head support while lying on a side (a big-size towel or blanket will work great).

What if I am interested, but cannot join this time?


No worries, if you cannot join the live lesson, you will have an opportunity to follow it with a recording which will be shared with everyone registered afterwards. 

The recording will be in audio format and will be available for one month after the lesson.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

I am looking forward to sharing this personal exploration experience with you! :-)

Warm regards,


Iryna Sagaidak, PhD


Nourishing healthy spirit in a healthy body

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